• Hasan and Husain radiyallahu ‘anhumaa once had an argument and stopped speaking to one another. They both knew that it was impermissible to allow this to continue for more than three days. On the third day, Hasan radiyallahu ‘anh thought that Husain radiyallahu ‘anh would come and greet him, since he was the elder of the two and thus deserved this respect. However, Husain radiyallahu ‘anh didn’t come. Since Maghrib time was approaching, Hasan radiyallahu ‘anh then decided to go to Husain radiyallahu ‘anh and greeted him. Later, he asked him why he hadn’t come. Husain radiyallahu ‘anh replied that according to the hadith of the Prophet sallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam, the one who initiates the greeting is the better of the two, and out of his respect to his elder brother, he wanted him to be better than himself!

(Shaikh Fakhruddin Uwaisi)